Research Topics (Q.2) 1st theme

16 04 2008

In this article I will point out some research topics that are mentioned on different sites of Human Language Technologies.

Firstly, members of The Stanford NLP Group pursue research in a broad variety of topics:

  • Computational Semantics.
  • Parsing & Tagging.
  • Multilingual NLP.
  • Unsupervised Induction of Linguistic Structure.

Secondly, in Edinburgh Language Technology Group of Scotland, UK we can mention some of their projects which conducts research and development in a number of areas.

  • Combining Shallow Semantics and Domain Knowledge.
  • Text Mining fot Biomedical Content Curation.
  • Cross-retail Multi-agent Retail Comparison.
  • Smart Qualitative Data: Methods and Community Tools for Data Mark-Up.
  • Machine Learning for Named Entity Recognition.
  • Named entity tagging of historical parliamentary proceedings.
  • Integrated Models and Tolls for Fine-Grained Prosody in Discourse.
  • Joint Action Science and Technology.
  • AMI consortium projects that are developing technologies for meeting browsing and to assist people participating in meetings from a remote location.
  • Study of how pairs collaborate when in planning a route on a map.

Finally, we can mention the German Language Technology Lab, which themes are elaborated in research, development and commercial projects:

  • Exploiting – and automatically extending – ontologies for content processing.
  • Tighter integration of shallow and deep techniques in processing.
  • Enriching deep processing with statistical methods.
  • Combining language checking with structuring tools in document authoring.
  • Document indexing for German and English.
  • Automatically associating recognized information with related information and thus building up collective knowledge.
  • Automatically structuring and visualizing extracted information.
  • Processing information encoded in multiple languages, among them Chinese and Japanese.