An European research centre for Human Language Technologies (Q1) 3rd theme

2 04 2008

One of the most important European research centre of Human Language Technologies is Language Technology Lab (DFKI) in Germany. It is very famous because of it gets the main budget of the public.

Their mission is the improvement of language technology through novel computational techniques for processing text, speech and knowledge, a deeper understanding of human language and thought, studying the true needs of the end user and the demands of the market. Moreover, they develop novel and improved applications in three areas: Information and Knowledge Management. Document Production, Natural Communication.

These themes are elaborated in research, development and commercial projects:

  • exploiting – and automatically extending – ontologies for content processing
  • tighter integration of shallow and deep techniques in processing
  • enriching deep processing with statistical methods
  • combining language checking with structuring tools in document authoring
  • document indexing for German and English
  • automatically associating recognized information with related information and thus building up collective knowledge
  • automatically structuring and visualizing extracted information
  • processing information encoded in multiple languages, among them Chinese and Japanese

Eventually, it is important to added the last DFKI LT publications that are two:

* Thierry Declerck, Hans-Ulrich Krieger, Marcus Spies, Horacio Saggion

Human Language and Semantic Web Technologies for Business Intelligence Applications

* Hans-Ulrich Krieger, Bernd Kiefer, Thierry Declerck
A Framework for Temporal Representation and Reasoning in Business Intelligence Applications


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