9 02 2008
An e-book is a text stored in a digital way which can be copied and read in a PC, or in a recent portable devices for eBooks. These books can be read by programs which are called readers.There are basically two steps to build an eBook: prepare the content for conversation, and choose a tool for conversation to Microsoft Reader. All conversation tools require that you have a clean HTML file and marked a sane with the standards defined by the Open eBook Foundation. For more details on these standards visit the Web Open eBook. You can create an eBook in a short space of time (2 or 3 hours) if they have prepared all the necessary parts. Among the items needed include images JPEGs for Home and the Library, as well as other elements that may need eBook. To get more information on the elements of an eBook see Guides Source Materials and Source Materials Conversion Guide and Conversion Guide available for downloading from the same site and included in Content SDK.

To read eBooks in a PC or poket PC, we have to use a reader program. Nowadays there are two readers available: Microsoft Reader and Glassbook Reader. These programs let us adjust the typography, turn on the pages, use pointers, insert notes, bring texts out , and many other functions necessaries for readding. The books are downloaded from Internet, or can be generated by ourselves. Glassbook read files on PDF; and Microsoft Reader, files on .LIT or Reader which fulfil with OEB rules. These last take up less space than PDF ones. Microsoft give us free machines to turn Word files into Reader, and ReaderWorks company offers machines to turn HTML into Reader. These tools makes very easy turn on Word or HTML files on eBooks.